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12/01/2018 0 comments

Island drowned in greenery, surrounded by beaches dreamed and tied with tradition. It will captivate you with its charm.
In Thassos, the island of Sirens, the choices are as many as the colors. The blue of the sea, the pine green, the golden sand, the blue of the sky make it one of the best choices for your summer holidays. On this island of the North Aegean you will enjoy the hospitality of wonderful hotel units, the local recipes in the villages, the walks on the paths, your swim in beaches of ecstatic beauty and activities that will take off your vacation. If you are a natural, a sports lover or just love a good life, Thassos is your own emerald "shelter".

Arrival to Limenas
Here is the "bridge" of Thassos with the land and the capital of the island since antiquity. Discover the ancient market, the sanctuaries of Hercules, Dionysus, Artemis and Poseidon, the Acropolis with the unbelievable view, the ancient theater built in the 5th century BC. century. Everything proves the island's significant past. Walk to the central market with dozens of shops and the harbor. In the evening, choose the restaurant or bar that suits you among dozens of options.

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